2 yrs
106 lbs
Great Pryenees Mix

Hello! I am Trooper.  I bet you have been thinking that I do not look much like a Great Pyrenees right about now…well,  my mommy was a pure breed PYR and my daddy, well, he might have been a husky type of dog. I am right at 2 years old and weigh 85 lbs.  I have been staying with a great family and have learned a lot about being a family dog and have been through training!  I am good with other dogs and enjoy spending time in the dog parks getting to meet new people.  I do need a home where I can run around and play as well as take walks together.  I love to be outside and like to be kept busy.  Sometimes, an idle mind is not good for me so I think it would be best if I had a family that will continue to work with me and keep me engaged. If you need a buddy that will be active with you, just let them all know at I would love to romp and play with you!

Here’s some info from Trooper’s foster:

He’s a BIG Goof and tons of FUN! But yet, tender and cuddly, especially, in the morning and at bedtime. Like all adolescents, he’s mischevious, can be a bit of a stinker, however, you cannot get mad at him because of his sweet sweet smile and loving heart. He may be a big boy but don’t let that fool ya, he backs up at large plastic bags rolling towards him on our walks or cautious as to what could be on the other side of a large bush. 🙂
Trooper loves to run, play in the mud, fetch, tug of war, watch golfers on the golf course, and tear the stuffing out of his cozy bed and stuffed animals. He likes baths, brushing, belly rubs, and wearing bandanas. He is quite the social butterfly as he enjoys meeting people and other dogs. He likes car rides, pet stores, and truly wants to go everywhere you go. He goes to work with me M-F and is always on his best behavior. Well, he did get into the trash a few times and tore up a snowman ornament. LOL
Most of all…he’s my best friend (aside from my husband of course)! He will be any owners best friend if given the time, love, and discipline he so rightly deserves. He would benefit well from a place where he can have lots of room to run and be the goofy Trooper he loves to be. I feel another furry companion would be an added bonus.



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